About Us

Merseyside Polonia is the most recognised Polish not for profit organisation in the Northwest of England.
It was established in 2009 as a charitable organisation. The organisation is based in Liverpool but the project and events often involve communities from other boroughs on both sides of the River Mersey. 
In the past few years Merseyside Polonia has built up strong links with local authorities and services, arts and community organisations as well as other insitutions and founders: among them Liverpool City Council, Polish Cultural Insititute in London or BBC Children in Need. 

The organisation was registered on 9th of June 2009 and is governed by a Board of Trustees.
Meseyside Polonia governing documents are Memorandum and Articles of Association. Main objects of the organisation are:
  • to raise awareness of the Polish Community and culture among the local community
  • to support community development of Polish and other communities
  • to build community cohesion by increasing understanding between communities representing different cultural backgrounds


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Our Mission

Merseyside Polonia’s Mission is to ’Develop positive relations between the Polish Community and local residents’. This is delivered through activities in areas such as arts, culture and history. Merseyside Polonia was the first Polish organisation in Liverpool to be committed to such an objective and to make it a core of many exciting projects, events and models of good practice.

Our Vision

‘To create a society where diverse cultures enhance the richness of the city’. Living in such a multicultural city as Liverpool we believe and develope the idea that peoples’ differences are the richness of this city and therefore can and should be celebrated and valued. Therefore we work to promote the idea to: ‘To inspire people to value each other’.

Our Values

Teamwork  - Development - Quality - Coherence - Diversity

Areas of work


Polish names such as, Polanski, Chopin or Lem are well known worldwide. Our aim is to give you a chance to celebrate and experience contemporary Polish arts in Liverpool together. We support a range of activities across the arts – from literature and film festivals, reading groups, poetry slams, film premiers, to music concerts and dance workshops. In the past few years we have been working with local artists, well known Polish writers and filmmakers, storytellers, poets, musicians, UK based publishers, arts insitutions and venues.


Culture is a great tool for building strong relationships. We believe that a variety of events we offer give our participants an opportunity to engage and explore culture in many creative forms. We organise Family Arts and Crafts Workshops, celebrate Polish and English traditions, such as: Christmas, St Andrews Night, Polish Midsummer Festival, and more. All this allows participants of our events to be part of the famously diverse culture of Liverpool.


If you would like to find out more about Poland, Polish people and the role they played in the history of Merseyside, you have arrived at the right place. Merseyside Polonia engages with residents, local groups, schools and guests, to create greater awareness, appreciation and opportunities for celebrating the fascinating history of Poland. We encourage different groups of participants to promote our history and unfold our heritage, through a variety of events and activities- from lectures and films, to educational programmes, school trips and research. Enjoy exploring the history and heritage of Polish people in Poland and Merseyside.

If you would like to find out more or get involved please contact: info@merseysidepolonia.com

What we do

 Our aim of developing positive relations between the Polish Community and local residents is delivered through:

  • events inspired by Polish culture, art and history
  • ongoing projects
  • community meetings presenting other cultures and minorities
  • presentations on work of Merseyside Polonia, Polish Community and Polish culture
  • school sessions
  • volunteering opportunities
  • placement for local and international students ( e.g ERASMUS) 
  • cooperation with local services on issues around the Polish and other communities
  • cooperation with local, national and international media

Brief History

The project was initially developed in 2008, by Gosia and George McKane, through the work of ''Yellow House'' Registered Charity under the title of “Meet Your Neighbours". It was delivered in response to the large-scale migration of Polish people to the UK after Poland joined the European Union in 2004.

A series of events delivered through the project presented local services, Poland and its culture, and opportunities for members of the local community to meet and get to know each other.

As a result of the project’s success, Merseyside Polonia was formally registered as a non-profit organisation on 9th of June 2009, founded by Gosia McKane, who felt that a new approach was necessary to ensure the successful integration of newcomers from Poland who arrived to the UK after 2004.

Moving forward, the organisation developed a whole calendar of events inspired by Polish culture (Easter, Midsummer and Christmas family workshops), art (Polish films, Polish literature in English translation, Polish classical and contemporary music) and history (commemorating anniversaries of Independence Day, Solidarity and Constitution Day).

Based in multicultural Liverpool, Merseyside Polonia subsequently developed new annual events celebrating the diversity of the city, including Communities Through Film, Liverpool Polish Midsummer Festival, Arts and Crafts Workshops or Love in Every Language.